IT Service & Infrastruktur
IT Service and Support

As a specialist in IT systems, we take care of your networks, servers and workstations. From individual workstations to complex networks, we ensure full operation, availability and security. You choose between full, project based or emergency support services.

Our core competencies are:

  • Administration
  • 1st/2nd level support
  • Networks
  • Design
  • Security


Through the increasing complexity of virtual system environments, the demands of a company’s system administration are on the increase as well. Nowadays a wide range of services, such as Email or web pages, are expected to be offered and used in a modern company. The availability of these services must be ensured in every company. The current system climate is monitored in real time and provides information on issues such as failure or faults of such services.


Starting from the main requirement, which is providing implementation - the heart of IT - in order to meet business needs securely, fast and independently, regardless of platform, virtualization within IT is not only limited to the server, but covers the entire IT infrastructure - from the desktop and the application to the server.